The first multi-national banker Templar Knights, Freemasons, Zionists, all are obsessed with Solomon or Solomon's Temple. 

Let's take a quick look at that name.

"Sol  = "sun".

"Amun"  … primary god of Egypt (without father or mother, hense "primary").    Can I hear an 'Amen'???

Which leads me to think that I am on the right track in thinking that the "expulsion of the foreigners" from Egypt which produced the exodus and the migration of the "Danaan" to Greece and Troad was the cleaning out of  Canaanite monotheists after the reign of Akhenaton.  

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  1. Elreb said,

    Amen brother…Born of Re; Beloved of Amen… Ra-mesi-su Meri-Amen; 

  2. tume said,

    very obvious, especially then from the elreb's comment.

  3. admin said,

    I get on elreb’s case sometimes, but (first time I’ve said this) …. he’s smart as whip.

  4. elreb said,

    Thoth Moses III [Thutmose] was found with his head detached and his arm was extended as if he had killed himself with a sword.
    This is very reflective of king Saul.
    He was followed by Amenhotep II who has most of the aspects of king David.
    Amenhotep II [David] was born in Memphis and not Thebes [Jerusalem]
    Solomon [Saul-Amen] appears to be Ramose II [Ramses the Great] who was born in the “Ur of Shalim” the city of Pease. Solomon means Peace as in “Shalom”.
    Amnon son of David and Ahinoam may very well be Amenhotep III…the father of Cyrus the Great. 

  5. admin said,

    Far out.

  6. elreb said,

    We know that Solomon was at war with the Hittites [Kheta] and used then as slave labor to build his temples.
    Then there was Peace…
    Grand-Duke of Kheta upon the throne of his father–Behold I am at one in heart with RA-MESSU-MERI-AMEN, the great ruler of Egypt [Memphis]… of peace, of brotherhood; it shall be better than the peace and the brotherhood, which was before this.
     Behold, I the Grand-Duke of Kheta with RAMESSU-MERIAMEN the great ruler of Egypt, am in good peace, in good brotherhood ; the children's children of the Grand-Duke of Kheta shall be in good brotherhood and peace with the children's children of RAMESSU-MERIAMEN the great ruler of Egypt, As our (treaty) of brotherhood, and our arrangements with the land of Kheta, so to them also shall be peace and brotherhood forever; there shall no hostility arise between them forever. 

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