Nimrod … who was he?

Son of Cush, builder of cities, ruler of Mesopotamia, nemesis of Abraham, father of Hunor and Magor patriarchs of the Huns and Magyars as well as the people of Subartu, and who knows what else.  

Was he also an early and important king in Egypt???

From this site:

(I'll copy the important text here 'cause it's one of those spooky 'white text on black' sites that hurts my eyes …)

It is also not a surprise that the first king of united Egypt was named "Nar-mer", one of the god-names of Horus, which is also very similar to Nimrod. The symbol of Narmer was that of a catfish surmounting a chisel. Though this symbol seems curious at first, it may be an important clue to the origin of Osiris and an ancient line of divine kings who claimed descent from him. There is a family in Europe named the Merovingians who have descended from a 5th-century king who claimed to have been the offspring of a human mother and a mysterious "beast from the sea": "the mysterious sea beast — the Bistea Neptunis — as symbolically defined in the Merovingian ancestry. The relevant sea-lord was King Pallas, a god of old Arcadia…. The immortal sea-lord was said to be 'ever-incarnate in a dynasty of ancient kings' whose symbol was a fish."40 Thus, the Egyptian hieroglyphics for catfish and chisel that make up Narmer's name may refer to the fact that Narmer was of divine parentage, and the chisel may refer to the fact that he was known as a cutter of stone and, therefore, a builder of cities. Thus, like Nimrod, Narmer was a semi-divine king known for building cities. This makes sense, as Narmer was the king that had unified upper and lower Egypt around 3200 b.c., forming the first nation of the ancient world. Though probably not the king who inspired the legend of Osiris, Narmer was almost certainly of the divine lineage of Osiris, and may well have been the source of the name "Nimrod".

I got curious about this after reading ancient Egypt described as "Osiria", i.e., the land civilized by Osiris.  Osiria sure looks a lot like "Assyria" to me.  

My ears will be pricked for more on this possibility, 'cause it would blow the lid off of everything (for me at least).  

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  1. Elreb said,

    The closest you can get Nimrod to Hungary is thru Colchis, as it is speculated that Sesostris III or Sesostris III of Egypt was equal to Nimrod.In either case, he would need to be Hamic.  

  2. CSR said,

    Just Google the Eustace Mullins "The Curse of Canaan"…

  3. admin said,

    You know, I have heard of that work and highly respect Mullins, but haven't read it.   I should.

    Not having read that but having read other things by Mullins however, I'm not sure he dug as deep as where I (and others) am searching for clues.  You have to remember the age Mullins was doing his research in … hardly anyone had even questioned the Federal Reserve or cracked the puzzle of the money trust.   He blew the lid off of that.   I won't say any more, because I haven't read the book you cite.  Mullins may still have some secrets to divulge I'm not aware of.  

    Anyway, thanks for commenting.    I think this is the most ignored and important topic out there – even as the world is being driven over a cliff.  


  4. Elreb said,

    Just wondering but is Mullins some kind of a racist or a pure historian?
    I cannot imagine what the Federal Reserve has to do with Nimrod/Minrot. 

  5. admin said,

    @ Elreb:
    “I cannot imagine what the Federal Reserve has to do with Nimrod/Minrot.”

    The dragon blood-line. The continuous conquering culture. You can follow it from Sumer right to the founding of the Federal Reserve. Yes, there are bumps in the road and holes and lots of speculation that dilute any ability to say with certainty that the conquering dragon still lives today, but they (TM) did stick a dragon on the reverse side of the Pound coin, they did erect (or steal and move) obolisks into the centers of power (Washington, London etc.). Corporate logos, mega-media company names and images, nearly all derived from the constellations or from Egyptian or Greek myths. The bigger the company, the more flagrant the connection. The mountain of the original Paramount intro to their films had three peaks, like Mt. Hermon/Sion, the now defunkt Orion Pictures, what’s the one with Pegasus?

    Who introduced “Madonna” to Kabbalism? Ever noticed that in her debut years she used to wear a leather jacket with the Pyamid and all-seeing-eye on it’s back? What of the ‘Cherish’ video – MER-MEN. Her adopted name itself states … Gnostisism. Not that she herself is aware of any of this, it’s her handlers, I assume.

    Normans built the US financial world, with the help of European Jewish bankers. There are exceptions to the rule, namely Rockefeller and Harriman. (Morgan, being Welsh, might also seem to be an exception but J.S.Morgan inherited the company from George Peabody. Peabody is a Norman family with, like the Roosevelts, Astors, Cabots, Russels etc., an ancestor who fought with Duke William at Hastings in 1066.)

    What the Federal Reserve has to do with Nimrod is, the Jewish bankers of Germanic Europe have their roots in Hungary and before that Khazaria, in the nomadic tribes which intermarried with the Frank/Viking aristocracy. Ashkenazi Jewry also, same roots. When you go deeper, you see that the connections between Normans/Templars and Jewish merchants/bankers is deep-seated and migrated intact through the Age of Discovery, the British and Dutch East India Companies, and later the torch was passed to the tycoons of the Gilded Age in America leading up to the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, by which the conquering dragon-elite in modern clothes finally got ahold of the power to print money in the US, once a free nation outside of their grasp.

    And the rest is, as they say, history.

  6. admin said,

    BTW, Mullins didn’t go far enough deep into this to really see the big picture IMO, and so, like so many others, blames it all on Jewish bankers. I don’t believe he was a racist, he just saw what he saw and reported on it. He’s half right. There’s a partnership going on here which dates back centuries, between Jewish and Christian interests that are very comfortable with one another due to past succesful partnerships, ancient ties and common Hebrew roots. To really get the complete picture, IMO, you have to go all the way back to Egypt, Canaan and Mesopotamia, to the similarites between Kabbalah and the Gnostic sects, and to the dragon conquering culture that the elite sprang from so long ago and have, with all its symbology and myths, held dear ever since.

    Maybe I go too far, maybe I’m even wrong (doubt it, I’ve been studying this stuff too long), but it’s at least a POV to chew on.

  7. Hey – great write-up. This news in Egypt is just scary this week! I don’t totally know what to think just yet, but I just pray it ends peacefully and that real freedom prevails. Anyway, cool blog… I’m subscribed to your RSS feed now so thanks again!

  8. admin said,

    Hey Oxy, thanks to you!!!

    You know, the elite at the top of the pyramid want WWIII … from Chaos comes ("new") Order.  Israel is, in the end, in my best judgement, a wedge driven into the Muslim world.  I believe that the 'powers that be' supported the Israeli state and the Zionist agenda for two reasons in the beginning … one, because oil had been discovered in Persia, and two, because the mid-east is the one part of the world that, because of Islamic rules against Usury, the bankers haven't been able to get their claws into.  Now, it's a bit more complicated, but I fear that they (TM) wish WWIII, to plunge us all into the sort of Chaos witnessed by Europe during WWII or worse … so they can later pick up the pieces and rebuild the middle east more to their liking.   These people are very smart, and patient … do not underestimate their resolve, their determination to unite the entire world under the umbrella of world government under their control.

    That is the truth, and unless one confronts, researches and understands that hidden agenda, one can't process the news as it hits us. 

    Anyway, I don't know for sure who's behind the revolts, I would hope and think that it's the people and their being fed up with the US backed totalitarian government there.   I worry that the people really behind the scenes look at this as a step toward full out war in the middle East, which they welcome …

  9. elreb said,

    We are told that Minos lived 3 generations before Troy [850 BC] giving us a rough date of 910-916 BC
    Thucydides tells us Minos was the most ancient man known to build a navy.
    He had two brothers, Rhadamanthys and Sarpedon…all living at the time of Miletus.
    Sarpedon was banished by Minos… His kingdom became Lycia in southern Anatolia.
    On the surface, Minos sounds like Min of Mizraim a brother of Kush.
    Sarpedon sounds like Sargon/Sardon of Akkad who was a predominate member of the court of Kush.
    Sargon of Akkad had a lot in common with Nimrod…
    Apparently, Rhadamanthys was also banished by Minos and may relate to Raamah the fourth son of Kush and brother of Nimrod. 

  10. elreb said,

    Hypatia was a female Greek mathematician, philosopher and astronomer in 400 AD Roman Alexandria, Egypt. Her god was wisdom and knowledge.

    On one side of the city she had the Christians and on the other side she had the Jews…who were both constantly and viciously hacking each other to death. 

    Hypatia the first notable woman in mathematics, as Neo-platonist philosopher, she belonged to the mathematical tradition of the Academy of Athens represented by Eudoxus of Cnidus. 

    In the end, Hypatia was declared a witch…stripped naked, flayed, mutilated and set ablaze by Christian monks. [uneducated, ignorant, & uncultured] 

    And slowly the world crept back into darkness… 
    You have got to be kidding me…
     Theon 335- 405 BC was a Greek scholar and mathematician who lived in Alexandria, Egypt. He edited and arranged Euclid's Elements and Ptolemy's Handy Tables, as well as writing various commentaries.
    Theon was the father of Hypatia who also won fame as a mathematician.
    It was Theon who stated that 1605 Greek years elapsed between Min and the end of Augustus…
    Augustus Gaius Julius Caesar “Octavianus” ruled 63 BC to 14 AD.  

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