Teal and Orange

Who are these "elite", the super-rich, the clowns who thought they could foist a global-warming scare on us all to usher in more international governance as well as a new CO2 cap-n-trade casino?  Who cooked up 9/11 to usher in the flagrant overstepping of constitutional bounds by government and law enforcement we see all around us, not to mention the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?  And if the architects of 9/11 know the 'War on Terror' is a hoax, what are we still doing in those countries?  Who are the crazies who pumped up the US housing market with cheap money and loose lending policies knowing full well that it would end in a catastrophic economic collapse?  And if they weren't total idiots and knew this would happen, why did they steer the US down that path?

Let's start with the "who".  We don't know really who they are.  We can guess some of the names,  the list of names on the Bilderberg Group steering committee each year is a good start, if you can get a hold of it, and the directors of the Peterson Institute for International Economics look like pretty important players to me.  The CFR membership lists aren't as useful, of those 4000-odd people only a small percent probably know what's really going on or actually pull any strings.  A really good way to get an idea of who is in charge is to cross reference organizations like the CFR, Trilateral Commission, World Bank, Bohemian Club, Pilgrims Society, World Wildlife Foundation etc. and see who is affiliated with multiple groups.  I did this once and got several hundred names.

But even that doesn't give an accurate picture, because these aren't so much places where the top elite of the world get together to make plans as rather vehicles for implementing them.   The fact is, the higher up you go the less these people like to see their names in print or their faces on TV, and it is often their representatives who show up at the Bilderberg meeting each year.

We can recognize them for their deeds however, and their M.O. is quite simple … in fact, they are a one-trick-pony.  That "one-trick", or archetype, is, dualism.  

Presently I live in Japan, and I've gotten used to the relative serenity here.  People don't argue much, particularly not about politics. I'm not sure if that's good or bad, but the Japanese to me seem to be quite comfortable with "grey" areas.  They understand that politics, by nature, is corrupt. They are a very homogenous people and somewhat immune to "polarization".  Americans on the other hand seem to take to this pitting of one side against the other like fish to water.  It simply amazes me here from my cat-bird seat  in Japan to watch US political commentary shows where hosts and guests literally scream at each other on national TV.

This "polarization" between left and right, between Republican and Democrat is the bread and butter of American politics and serves not the left, not the right, not the Democrats nor the Repulicans, and most of all serves not the people.  It serves the power brokers standing off camera.  Because they don't really care whether America spends both the money it has and more money it doesn't on socialist programs or on "defense". They just care that America spends it. (These people I'm referring to are at the top of the food chain, the Federal Reserve is their cash cow. When America spends money, they make money.)

The dualistic "playing one side off another" concept, as well as another important dualistic meme, "Order out of Chaos", drive (and have always driven) our wars.

"Order out of Chaos", explained by "Zorg"

When the average person first hears that George Bush's grandfather helped fund the Nazis they are quick to reject the idea as a malicious rumor … but the rumor is true and in fact the Union Banking Corporation, of which Prescott Bush was a senior partner, had its assets siezed after WWII for that very infraction under the US Trading With the Enemy Act.

US investors and corporations did pour money and material support into pre-war Nazi Germany though the 30's.  Ford, ATT and Standard Oil all contributed while other investments were transferred through the Union Bank Corp., a bank which had been formed for the purpose by Bush's boss and partner Averell Harriman along with Fritz Thiessen.   Meanwhile the future Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and his brother and future director of the CIA Allen Dulles helped funnel the money and cover it up from their directorships at the law firm of Sullivan & Cromwell.  

Many have heard or read of commanders in Vietnam who complained of having to fight with one hand tied behind their backs, and Antony Sutton broke the news that the Russian Gorky and ZIL plants which made the trucks and missile launchers which had been supplied to North Vietnam had been equipped and supplied largely by American companies like Ford, even during the war.  Sutton's book "The Best Enemy Money Can Buy" speaks to the heart of what I'm talking about and documents this sort of duplicity, beginning with the Korean War up until the time he wrote the book in the mid 80's.

Many would be shocked to learn that the US shipped nuclear technology and materials to Soviet Russia between the years 1942-45, these materials included heavy water, aluminum tubes and other items necessary for the production of an atomic weapon … Major George R. Jordan kept a record of these and other curious goings on around him at UN Depot #8 in Newark, N.J. and published what he knew in 'From Major Jordan's Diaries'.

Why would the US send its war technology (the Jordan accounts are just the tip of the iceberg) to the Russians?  Because there must be an enemy.  The people must be reminded that they need the State to protect them.  There must be a rationale to justify hundreds of billions a year in defense spending. It's the oldest trick in the book … dating to the Romans who frightened the people with stories of "Hannibal at the gates".  But the Romans were amateurs … it never occurred to them to slip weapons technology to Hannibal(!).

This technique has been the cornerstone of destabalization in Central and South America and Africa for half a century, and continues to this day even in Iraq.  Shiites and Sunnis are played off one another to ramp up the violence, a fact that was made embarrassingly evident when a British Special Forces unit  was arrested for shooting up the town wearing Arab clothing and had to be busted out of jail.   Of course the most insidious example of this concept at work is the 'War on Terror' itself.  

The Rothschild banking empire has been blamed for many of the world's ills … I probably wouldn't go quite that far but I will grant them this.  The modern archetype of banksters standing on the sidelines while funding two sides of a war for profit and gain was probably perfected by the British and French Rothschild banking houses, who funded Britain and France respectively during the Napoleonic Wars.  And while we're talking about the pre-modern period, there have been some conspicuous exceptions to the mould I've been describing, and those cases are instructive for their brevity.  These are cases in which the international banking cartel were really out to accomplish something besides creating a lot of "chaos" so they could institute new "order … and the wars were over and done with very quickly.   Spain got no assistance from the banks after the US (probably) sank the USS Maine in Havana harbor, blamed Spain and declared war on her.   The US, in a pro-war campaign speaheaded by Teddy Roosevelt and his future Secretary of War and State Elihu Root had been building up its Navy in preparation for battle.   The object was clear and simple, kick the Spanish out of the Caribbean, grab the Philippines (the opium trading elite in New England needed to enhance US naval power in the Far East to counter British influence which had grown too strong following the Opium Wars in China – think I'm crazy??? – the first shots of the Spanish-American War were fired in the Philippines!!)  …. and, the  Spanish American War was over literally within a few  months.    

Russia got no help from the Bankers when Japan attacked and declared war on her in 1904.   Japan on the other hand received hundreds of millions in loans arranged by Jacob Schiff and had welcomed assistance from the West in building up her industrial and war capability since the Meiji Restoration.  The object of the Russo-Japan war was clear and simple, to take down the Czarist monarchy, which had been a thorn in the side of the international bankers for years.  That war ended the following year – no one could believe tiny Japan took down the Russian bear.   But they did, and Czarist Russia was sufficiently weakened that a decade later the Bolsheviks (also funded by the same bankers) were able to finish the job. 

Wars last as long as they need to.   When a war is fought for a simple, specific and militarily attainable reason, it's in and out.   When the reasons are numerous and involve the annihilation of entire economies, or destruction on such a large scale so as to justify the establishment of international governing bodies, then things take a little longer.

WWI was fought for a number of reasons.  The goal of kicking the Ottoman Turks out of the Middle East (where oil had just been discovered) was both clear and accomplished in short order.   But there were deeper motivations for pitting one half of the world against the other which had to do with 'changing entire peoples', as Norman Dodd relates was discussed by the trustees at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace prior to WWI.   Indeed, the Carnegie Endowment sent a letter to president Wilson cautioning him to see that "the war did not end too quickly". 

There were still other angles, as is so often the case.  By kicking the Ottoman Turks out of the Middle East, Palestine was able to be "Mandated" to Britain and a portion of it set aside for use as a Jewish homeland, and it's clear this was a goal because Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour sent a declaration of Britain's intentions to that effect to Lord Rothschild before the war was even over.  Then there was the League of Nations, a first attempt to foist international governance on the world, ostensibly in order to prevent future wars … envisioned by the very people that started the last one.

But the League of Nations ultimately failed for lack of interest, while the project to form a Jewish nation in Palestine was having problems as well.  Jewish emmigration to Palestine following WWI was paltry, partially because of quotas and partially because few Jews wanted to pull up roots and move to the desert.

So the bankers came back for an encore.  They finished the job and more.  After WWII, with Europe in ruins they were able to set up the IMF and another body that would be renamed the World Bank.  The UN was also formed, and in response to millions of deaths in the concentration camps (whatever the actual number) Jewish emigration to Palestine increased 5 fold while international recognition of the state of Israel was forthcoming as well.  And, they were even able, with the atomic bomb, to mole-whack militaristic Japan which had become too powerful in their service.

I spent my formative high school years during the time of the Vietnam war.  The Hollies released their hit "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" at the peak of the conflict, in 1969.

The youtube montage below isn't filled with photos from Vietnam, it is a tribute to the troops overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan. (I would have embedded it, but restrictions by Sony prevented me.)  It starts,"Remembering Our Soldiers".


The last thing I want to do is dishonor Americans who fought and died for (in their own minds) their country.  Rather, to try and reconcile two conflicting sentiments that have been tearing at the core of the American psyche since the Vietnam war.  On the one hand, anyone with a heart has to feel some gratitude to mere kids and their families who've made the ultimate sacrifice, while on the other hand, we're angry and frustrated over the lies told to get us into war and revulsed when confronted with knowledge of the millions of innocents killed and maimed as a result.  

It is both noble and natural that one would fight to protect their own country, and therein lies the rub.  Those who would start a war for ulterior motives exploit our natural instinct to protect one's own group, pitting "us" against "them".  It has been so since the American indian was unilaterally painted as a "savage", and it's the same polarizing analogue that provokes liberals or Democrats to fight tooth and nail with conservatives or Republicans and vice-versa, each believing they are right and the opposing side is dead-wrong.  It is the dualist ethic at work.

Now, consider the following dualistic dichotomies, the pitting of sides against one another, the idea of Order out of Chaos, and a third, the pairing of male and female, as all catalists of "creation" in the Kabbalistic school of thought.

I'm going to shift gears here a bit.  The Kabbalist tree of life contains both male and female aspects, and in ancient Kabbalistic beliefs the union of the two is considered a creative force … and rightly so.  But the priests of the ritualistic cults of the Black Sea region took it a step further, attempting to "merge" male and female in their own bodies through ritualistic castration.  This was in homage to Attis, the consort of Kybele whose love drove him mad.  Attis died of his self-inflicted wound and was reborn as a pine tree, underscoring the theme of "rebirth" which is woven into this myth which was central to the religion of the Black Sea tribes (that produced the anscestors of the aristocracy of Europe … orgies and blood sacrifice were also a part of these rituals).

Noticed how often Hollywood movie stars have been reduced to cross-dressing in parts?  I don't know about you, but watching men play women on screen just doesn't do it for me, nor does it make me laugh.  It makes me think of Galli priests neutering themselves in homage to Attis, after which these priests would assume the countenance and dress of a woman.

Would it be irresponsible to suggest that among the mega-moguls of Hollywood there is a core of elitist-pervert Kabbalah-followers and that their tastes might trickle down into the scripts that get green-lighted?  Or that the matter of a (very realistically rendered) phallis which made its way into the packaging of "the Little Mermaid" wasn't just a prank by the Disney art department?

Who introduced Madonna and Demi Moore to Kabbalism?  Kabbalah, 'Hollywood's hottest cult' as I've read it described, has been steadily gaining converts among successful Hollywood fixtures and aspiring stars alike… which is why "dualism" came to mind when I started noticing how many recent blockbusters were "color-weighted" in Teal and Orange.

Teal and orange are complimentary colors, opposites on the "color wheel".   Flesh tones live along the orange spectrum, and if you want to contrast those colors you would pick teal, its opposite.   Weighting film images in specific colors (outside of the realm of art direction and use of camera filters) has become more readily feasable as movies are now routinely processed digitally.

Just pick a recent movie, particularly one that has a "war on terror" theme or "end of the world" meme woven into the script, watch it, and tell me that the screen isn't all tones of teal and orange.

This is the blog of a film editor/indie filmmaker who has also noticed this trend.  The article name says it all … 'Teal and Orange – Hollywood, Please stop the Madness'.


It is supposed that using a complimentary color palette, i.e. orange and teal, makes the images "pop".  I don't really buy that, personally I think the vivid full color look of a Stanley Kubrick film like 'the Shining' or 'Eyes Wide Shut' "pops" a heck of a lot more.

I suspect that the heads of Hollywood are "dualist crazy" and think somehow that feeding us images in complimentary colors might have some desired effect on our collective psyche, "complementing" as it were (no pun intended) the other subliminal messages we are being constantly showered with via the entertainment media.  Maybe I'm crazy and this color-weighting is just an innocent coincidence, but judging from the subtext of films like 2012, I really think there's something going on here.


The Day the Earth Stood Still
The Forgotten

This last film is particularly annoying.


Oh, I almost forgot.  Two other concepts that live in inseparable harmony with one another on the Kabbalistic tree … 

Good and Evil.

I think many people can't wrap their minds around the level at which the would-be managers of the planet play their deadly games … and that such a group of people, however "conspiratorially" interconnected they are or aren't, could sign off willingly on plans which would result in mass death and destruction, for profit or for whatever reason.   But they do and have done and will always do … not because they are, at least in their own collective mind, evil, but because in their "Kabbalistic" thinking good and evil are twin sides of a coin.  By being evil, they think they are promoting good.   By fomenting chaos, they think they are creating order.  

Have you seen this!???


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  1. Elreb said,

      “It serves the power brokers standing off camera”
    Well said Sanders…well said…

  2. Elreb said,

    “"Remembering Our Soldiers"
    The problem I see in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan is that we did not die for America.
    Both American and Allied soldiers die for the money and power brokers who view duty, honor, country and death as a mere…necessary expendable commodity.   

  3. admin said,


    That's the whole point.  


  4. Big M said,

    Nice article for the most part, but I have a bit of a problem with this . . .
    "The last thing I want to do is dishonor Americans who fought and died for their country."
    They were never fighting for their country. They were fighting for the interests of banks, munitions makers, and the military/industrial complex. That's it.

  5. NavyBrat said,

    A very complex subject pared down to the essentials.
    As J.Edgar Hoover once remarked,
    "The Individual is handicapped by coming face to face 
    with a conspiracy so monstrous that he cannot believe
    it exists."
    Believe it.

  6. Ridiculousness said,

    Yes, people standing on the sidelines profiting immensely from the suffering of others are always eager to scream their way into wars they can sucker others into fighting.  They're far too busy arming the "opposition" with enough weapons to ensure a "long war."  I have noticed that the color contrasts have gotten, in general, more extreme, and it should be noted that all of the movies mentioned in the list (also, Pandorum, and many other recent movies) have extremely dark lighting schemes, on top of being mostly teal and orange.  In many of the scenes, there is mostly darkness, with a single point (or a series of points) of light providing feeble illumination at best.  Is the encroaching darkness a theme they're promoting as well?

  7. i AM NOT AMUSED said,

    Don't ever kid yourselves.  They are in reality Satanists and I know them and trust me they know better; those animals just don't like it.
    They know Jesus is God and those animals just want to get away with thier crimes with impunity.  We have had a few conversations and I have seen the panic sticken looks on their faces.  They know bettter.
    It is really just that simple
    There will literally be hell to pay                                                                                                                                                     There is zero other option
    They can forget it; I know better
    They just want it all and they don't give a damn about anyone but themselves.  I know some of them.
    It's just that simple

  8. admin said,

    Yes, Big M, you are totally correct. I should have said “in their mind” they fought for their country. In fact, I’m going to edit that right now. Obviously, the whole point is that we are manipulated into fighting wars for them, for the sort of laundry lists of reasons that I’ve enumerated here and in other articles (see Burnt Offering 1).

  9. admin said,

    @ I am not amused –

    We’re on the same page. In my “travels”, I have come to note that “they” (TM) are more often better described as Luciferians. Lucifer is Venus, Satan is Saturn. Venus and Saturn were sort-of sister and brother (Venus sprang from the sea-foam after Cronus, the Greek ‘Saturn’, lopped off his father’s gonads and threw them into the ocean, so Venus sprang from the same sperm as Saturn and so should be viewed as siblings, which makes sense since the two are modelled after Astarte and El, brother and sister in the Canaanite pantheon.

    Both of these dieties, Saturn and Venus, were powerful and and the respect they garnored in the ancient world posed a threat to the emerging Christian church … and so were “demonized” and both came to be associated with the devil. That